1.1 ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED ,An ISO 9001 certified company ,was formed on July 10, 1985 to act as distributors of telecommunications equipment and test apparatus for companies outside of Canada (mostly in the U.S.) whose products are sufficiently specialized to require representation of a high degree of competence in communication (telephone, carrier, data, radio, program, video, transmission) than normally encountered in representing organizations. ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL INC. corporate headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec. Regional offices, located in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Vancouver, have already been established and are open to serve our customers.

1.2 The manufacturers we represent have been carefully selected for their integrity and technical quality of their products. Our turnover of lines and personnel is very low and new lines will be added only after careful consideration and consultation with our suppliers.

1.3 The company has a separate division specialized in the development of high-tech special assemblies. Our modern plant facilities and highly qualified staff permit rapid response to the ever-growing needs of custom design applications in the telecommunications industry.

1.4 Argus Telecom International Incorporated has a service division, which is highly oriented towards customer needs. Our centralized service centre located in Montreal combined with the in-depth resources and experience of our technical personnel is tailored to the highest standards of customer service.

1.5 Our Head Office and plant in Montreal will cover the Province of Quebec. Our regional office in Halifax will cover the provinces of Newfoundland ,New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The Toronto office will cover the Province of Ontario. The Winnipeg office will cover the Province of Manitoba. The Saskatoon office will cover the Province of Saskatchewan. The Edmonton office will cover Alberta and the Northwest Territories and the Vancouver office will cover British Columbia and the Yukon.


2.1 The market served extends across the whole of the country and consists principally of the large commercial users such as telephone companies, power utilities, railroads (who in Canada are also communication common carriers), broadcasting and CATV companies. Provincial Government Agencies such as: Forestry, Ministry of Communications, Societies of Conservation and Provincial and Municipal Police Forces. Federal Government Agencies such as: Transport Canada, Department of Communications, Energy Mines and Resources, Environment Canada, Atomic Energy and the R.C.M.P.

2.2 An increasing volume of business is done with the military: Department of National Defence and Department of Supply and Services.

2.3 ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL also has excellent concentrated contacts for telecommunications projects involving the C.E.A.O. (Communauté Economique de L’Afrique de L’Ouest) consisting of Benin, Nigeria, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso, also with Agents in Saudi-Arabia and China.

2.4 As of 1991 ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL has opened up Offices and Representatives in the following countries to cover the Pacific Rim: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


3.1 The company places extensive reliance on long distance telephone, E-mail, fax, and airmail correspondence as a supplement to personal calls. Three volume, loose-leaf catalogues containing all suppliers’ data sheets, is in the hands of user engineering personnel from coast to coast and is kept up-to-date with regularly issued material. Direct mailings are frequently employed to cover specific markets and the company assumes responsibility for arranging new product releases in Canadian trade publications catering to the electrical, electronic, broadcast, transportation, oil and gas, pipeline, and pulp and paper consulting industries.

3.2 Our computerized mailing list consisting of over 16,000 names of potential customers, permits ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED to penetrate the various product markets, in the shortest possible time; thereby enabling faster follow-up in a personalized way by our well trained marketing and sales staff.

3.3 At ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED our philosophy is to inform the supplier of all activity being conducted for his products. Contact reports are released to the supplier so that he is aware of the penetration and activity of his products in the Canadian market. Monthly forecasts describing the product model, customer and expected time schedule will also be provided.


4.1 The company's practice is to buy for its own account exclusively and to resell to Canadian customers under its own invoice enabling quotations with the F.O.B. point-Montreal, in Canadian terms, including exchange, duty and taxes at applicable rates. Full responsibility is taken for all import arrangements, custom rulings, etc., with the principal's sole responsibility being the supply of a properly certified Canada Customs invoice and a Certificate Of Origin. In this way, the offshore supplier is relieved of credit investigations, collection problems and international banking. In order to give better service to Canadian customers, a substantial inventory is carried of items where repetitive sales have developed.


5.1 The amount of lines carried has been chosen to establish a reputation for specialization in certain clearly defined fields, with emphasis on telecommunications. Below is a list of products lines represented:

* see Products section for more information

Best Power Technology: P.O. Box 280

Necedah, WI 54646

Canoga-Perkins: 21012 Lassen Street,

Chatsworth, CA 91311

Heritage Technology Inc. 610 Cypress Hills Drive

Encintas, Ca 92024

Mark Products Inc.: 390 Potrero Avenue,

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Micro Computer Systems: 3708 Alliance Drive,

Greensboro, NC 27407

SNC Manufacturing Co. Inc.: 101 West Waukau Avenue,

Oshkosh, WI 54901

Telefonix Technology Inc. 7098 Miratech Drive

San Diego, Ca 92121

Tempo Research Incorporated: 1221 Liberty Way

Vista, CA 92083

Triplett Corporation: One Triplett Drive,

Bluffton, OH 45817

Wilcom Products Inc.: P.O. Box 508

Laconia, NH 03247




Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR), PCM-Fault Locator, T-1 Repeater Test Set, Test Set Probes, Test Devices, Maintenance Poles.

Heritage Technology Inc.

Keep your copper plant triple-play ready with the HT1000 from Heritage Technologies. An extensive list of features

you'd expect in a much higher-end unit is standard in the attractively priced HT1000. Physical layer testing runs from

voice grade to ADSL. And with the optional card, ADSL2+ and VDSL provisioning and testing is also available. Intuitive

design engineering makes operating the HT1000 simple for old hands and new recruits alike. In fact, many of the 27

standard tests are activated by a single keystroke. Like Super Stress™, Dual Trace TDR, Spectrum Analyzer and

Incremental Pair Test. Be triple-play ready with copper's new best friend...the HT1000.

Mark Products Inc.

Cable Pressurization Equipment, Leak Locating Equipment.

Micro Computer Systems Inc.

Cable Analyzers, Remote Test Unit Capable of testing all Subscriber Lines,

Remote Test Unit for use at Remote Carrier Systems.

Telefonix Technology Inc.

Triple Play ToneRanger® Bad Bonding or Grounding is the number one

cause for slow ADSL or VDSL, or pixelated IPTV services. If the pair tests

good, but the SNR (signal to noise ratio) is bad or if a portion of the bandwidth

is lost , it is time to check the cable shield. The ToneRanger® quickly and accurately

pinpoint locates bad shield bonding and grounding . It saves technician

hours, especially in locating direct buried open shields and bonds, even under

asphalt or cement.

Tempo Research Incorporated

Breakdown Test Set/Cable Fault Locator, Longitudinal Balance Tester.

Triplett Corporation

Subscriber and Transmission Test Sets, Digital Multimeters, Analog Multimeters.

Wilcom Products Inc.

Transmission & Noise, Fibre Optic, Digital Testing (DS0, DS1, DS3), Cable & Signalling.


SNC Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Noise Chokes, Humzapper, Radio Interference Dampers, Induction Neutralizing

Transformers, Harmonic Drainage Reactors, Single Noise Interference

Xterminators, Transformer Exciting Networks, Telecommunications Interference

Filters, Harmonic Suppression Reactors, Glitch Tamer.



Solar Electric Power Modules 34 Watt - 70 Watt.


Best Power Technology

Uninterruptible Power Systems.


6.1 ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED has a modern, clean, and well lit manufacturing plant, which combines engineering/testing lab, research and development, computer center, and manufacturing facilities.

6.2 ARGUS TELECOM specialists are available to be called upon to provide custom engineering for unique applications and conditions.

6.3 Assembly capability will be maintained in our Montreal plant, which permits undertaking contracts for custom electronics work to customer specifications, special test and transmission systems.

6.4 Our custom manufacturing activity is oriented towards the reinforcement of our principals' products and services. ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL takes systems responsibility and ties together products from several suppliers on projects that require turnkey capability. A limited amount of manufacturing will be done under license from certain U.S. principals whereby an economic advantage is achieved.


7.1 ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED has An ISO 9001 certified service division ,which is highly oriented towards customer needs. Our centralized service center located in Montreal combined with the in-depth resources and experience of our technical personnel is tailored to the highest standards of customer service. Personnel located in regional offices across Canada will have the technical capabilities to repair the majority of problems that may arise. Those involving calibration will be repaired at our Head Office in Montreal. Modification and service work is undertaken on all equipment sold in order to provide for better service to the customer. Routine repairs are handled in almost every case without requiring the necessity of returning the equipment to the original manufacturer's factory. Spares are stocked wherever advisable, both for supply to customers and for in-shop service work. Technicians are thoroughly factory-trained.

7.2 Our special "800" (1-800-363-1888) number enables immediate communication with our staff and is backed up with a twenty-four hour answering service, available seven days a week, which includes paging and cellular facilities for emergency situations.

7.3 ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED being the SNC Telecom Problem Solvers of Canada has a special Consulting Services Division that makes available to the industry extensive knowledge in the areas of inductive coordination, protection and noise reduction. Modern, fully equipped service vehicles with an on-board noise reduction clinic capable of personnel training, trouble locating and clearing of any noise induction problems, are made available to the telecommunications industry across Canada. In addition to providing training on Noise Reduction Problems, Argus Telecom also provides engineering and consulting on Solar Applications and Cable Pressurization.

7.4 Good contacts are maintained at the engineering level with electronic original equipment manufacturers such as Lenkurt, EMS Technology, Canadian General Electric, Canadian Marconi, Collins, Nortel, Canadian Motorola, Mitel, and Harris-Farinon. OEM sales consist largely of test equipment and customer-built systems.


8.1 Our staff includes professional Engineers, Technologists, Technical Sales, Administration and Customer Service personnel.

8.2 Our Engineers and Technologists have specific training and background in the Telecommunications Industry.

8.3 Our technical support capability is high. The many years of practical experience which each of our people have obtained from working in the industry before joining ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL has added an essential qualification to our already well trained staff.